Happy 19th birthday to me
Thursday, January 13, 2011/10:00 AM
Woaaah! Time flies so fast huh? Haiyah! Dah old already:( but it's okay. Life have to still move on. Everyone is getting older n wiser :) my second day of celebrating my birthday which is on 12th January was awesome. A date for just me n baby akmal! Great! I really miss the old time . It's really nice that we could catch up with the old times :) we headed to bugis. Then to town.. Shop till we drop! The later part, we watch a movie in cineleisure , dropby my old working place, say hello to baby then off to watch the tourist! It was a fair movie laa. Bbyakmal love it so much lor. Something crop up during the movie but still the whole day was awesome. Bby sleep over my place again, infact thus time round with mama. Mama love him so much. Mama put alot of hopes to him. I hope he won't bring her down. Hmm ~ okay ! Back to my stories, on my birthday itself, guess what? I went to school -___- bby wake me up late then we both rush to school. He sent me n off home. Tasha n friends come by to celebrate my birthday! It was an unexpected birthday celebration in school, andd they made it at forum siaa. Wth! Soo paiseh! Andd ii got a present from my honeybee , Tasha olsen <3 a bear in a flower stand . Awwhh. Then I head home straight cause mama keeps on calling me. Reached home mama was like soo happy to see me. *so taq pernahpernah* haha! Then, ii tried calling bbyakmal but no answer, then ii receive a call from him saying that he's reaching my place. I was still in my uniform. Laying lazilly on my couch. Not until, jeng jeng jeng! Bbyboy called and say he's outside my place. I open my door and see him holding on to a cake! Omfg! What a sweet surprise! Then sha, bbyboy's cousin came to my place too! Bbyboy bought me a pink gshock watch ! WTF! It's fcuking hotpink n it's so what ii want laaa! The cake was soo yummy! Happy family again, the four of us eat till we full . Bbyboy was hurt by my words actually. He thought ii compared him n my friends. Daddy, ure always diff from anyone else. Your special <3 therefore, I love u so very much !

HAppy 55th birthday mama
/8:37 AM
Actually my birthday falls on 13th January but I'm posting this the next day instead , simply because I'm too packed with surprises , parties n etc. Firstly, happy 55th birthday to mama. May all your wishes come true and be healthy and happy always:) this 2011 has changed my life alot. New people , better living , happiness, love n etc . I gotta say without sheikh akmal, life is not complete :) on 11th January 2011, me, sheikh, sister Liz together with mama celebrated mama's birthday . Then the later part bro wan join us free his work. We all enjoyed our day that day. Me n baby akmal bought mama a Charles n Keith handbag n an ice cream cake from swensens *sluuurrpps* sungguh sedap! We had our dinner in hajah maimunah which is on sis Liz treat n supper at sakunthalas food palace which is on bro wan's treat. Happy family! Just a little funny story to share, one dumb guy working at hajah maimunah thought it was my birthday and so he wished me with a wide smile then I make him malu by saying, eerrr, sorry, it's my MOM'S birthday with a sarcastic smile. Sooo dumb, which birthday girl would wanna hide her own cake n light it up for someone else-____- fcuk face~ hahahha! But still I'm happy. We had our leg massage after that. Baby akmal was suffering while that uncle massage fr him. Hahahah! Very cute seyh bby your face. Really I swear.

I hate PMS
Monday, January 3, 2011/9:38 AM
PMS sucks alot. I bet every women in the world would agree with that. Haah! As for mine, poor bf has to suffer pulling through my moody times. Getting shouted for no reasons, not entertained most of the time. Can't take jokes, very sensative. Get fed up easily. Urgh! Pms faster go away!!! I pity my beloved boyfriend alot :( hubby, I'm sorry :( pull through okay ? Cayanq baby akmal byk2<3 ♥ ♥ ♥

Goodbye 2010 , hello 2011 ♥
Saturday, January 1, 2011/6:55 PM
First and formost, happy new year my fellow friends and reAders ♥ :) I hope whatever happens in 2010 will be a learning path for me. And that 2011 will be better for sure. My 2010 was not bad but I wish 2011 will be awesome. I'm so gonna celebrate hari raya, my birthday? Christmas andd new year for sure this time round cause I've been missing it in 2010. Other than that, it'll be 11more days to me officially turns 19. Awwhh. Sumpah taq sabar. But still, not hoping so much. Cause don't wanna be dissapointed like last year. Pictures will be uploaded later in afew days time cause I've got no time to go to myracons place to upload. Heh heh! Been busy working n etc. Met up with like so many friends in Nabins. And most of them were shocked to see me working there. I miss my bestfriend so much. Each time when I'm sad, angry happy, I'll always think of her. Awwhh ♥ ♥ ♥

Lastly , I love you boyfriend , sheikh♥ Ahmad ♥ akmal ♥

When love means so much
Tuesday, December 28, 2010/9:24 AM

/8:52 AM

Fcuk christmas
Saturday, December 25, 2010/4:32 PM
Everything seems so wrong. I'm starting to hate my days of life. Everything seems not right. My Christmas wasn't like usual. My Christmas was plain celebrating with colleagues. I'm beginning to feel no love but just fun. Not even exactly fun laa~ hmm... Everything seems wrong.. Should I confront him? Or just let it be n follow with the flow? Just a day faking n I'm tired already. Hmm... Atleast I make myself to stay with him on Christmas just so n hopefully that he'll spend time with me. Hmm, guess what?! Ended up he sleeps. Just like normal. I couldn't take it anymore. He's treating me like a friend. Yaa, maybe not good enough. But he's different . Very different. Just wish time could change. Although it seems impossible.. He'd rather spend his time enjoying with his cousin other than me. Where I's all his promises? Just Meeting him at work? Hmm, I'm not saying it's not enough but. Urgh! This sucks. Totally sucks. I know Unexplainable incident happens. But this time round it fcuking sucks! U can use your brains to think right? Hmm...

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